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We offer an inclusive programme of fun activities, providing children of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports, developing sport specific skills and fitness.

Active Kids are Happy Kids

Kids love to keep active - and when the summer holidays roll around, it might be hard to keep them busy! Have you ever heard your son or daughter complain about being bored or having nothing to do? There is, after all, only so much games consoles and smartphones can do.
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Active Sports Camps provide a fantastic, friendly Multisports calendar to get Wakefield kids up and moving when school’s out.

Running during the six-week break and across most of the school holiday calendar, your tykes can try their hands (and feet) at all kinds of different activities.

That means whether at half term, Easter, or approaching the warmer months, there will always be some local fun to get into.

When you’re young, the summer breaks seem to last forever. That’s not always a good thing! Give your kids a break to remember - making new friends and trying new things. Who knows - they might just find a new hobby or two!

Which Activity? Take Your Pick!

Traditional PE at school can only go so far. Have you ever wondered about what your kids are learning during the average school sessions? Often, PE lessons don’t run long enough or provide enough variety to keen youngsters. That’s where ASC can swoop in and help.

Is your son a football fanatic? Is your daughter a wonder on the wicket? One of the best things about Multisports at ASC is that they’ll have the chance to pick and choose what they’d like to try.

Here’s just a taste of the activities and sports on offer:
Tag Rugby
KWIK Cricket
There will be more to enjoy in the months to come, too. Why stick to one activity when you could try all nine?
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Sports Education - Focus on Fun!

Never boring!
Sports education, games and PE should never be boring! You may have talked to your youngsters about their day at school and have found they’re less than enthused about being active. Or, they might have tons of energy left and need a fun way to burn it all off!
Reaching their full potential!
The team at ASC are fully qualified PE specialists and assistant coaches. We have years of experience in helping kids reach their full active potential! More to that, sports education should be FUN - you don’t have to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lucy Bronze or Freddie Flintoff.
Providing kids with opportunities!
ASC’s Multisports, Football and Shooting Hoops camps provide kids with opportunities to explore all kinds of new activities, mixing it up as they desire. All you need to do is book the perfect spots for you and your family online to get started.
Kindness and respect!
Sports education at ASC is all about gently introducing active skills, social skills and communication to local kids. Above all, true sportsmanship is about kindness and respect - and having a fantastic time while learning along the way!

Give your kids the experience of a lifetime.
Book a session with us today!

We offer an inclusive programme of FUN activities, providing children of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports!

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